A group of husbands once put their heads together to discuss how to stand up to their wives. They elected as chairperson the one man among them who most feared his wife. When the meeting began, another person came running in a flurry, and reported, “You’re all in trouble! Your wives have found out about your activities and have agreed to surround and attack you.”

The husbands were greatly surprised and frightened at the news, and they scattered in every direction, all, except the chairman, who sat still in his chair without moving. At first the others thought that this time the chairman was really going to stand up to his wife; but in fact, what happened was that he was literally scared to death.

Strangely enough though, after some time passed the chairman regained confusion, asked him how it was that being dead he could come back to life.

He replied, “At first I was dead, but I happened to bump into my wife in the nether world and she scared the living daylights back into me.”

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